Emotional Components of the Educational Processes and quality in education

This thematic line has Francisco Peixoto as its Principal Investigator and includes as main researchers Lourdes Mata, Vera Monteiro, Maria Gouveia Pereira, José Morgado and José Castro Silva. It also includes 1 research assistant; 12 Ph.D. students, 1 of which has FCT scholarships, and 4 collaborators. In this line, we aim to:

  1. Study the relationship between academic performance and affective learning components such as self-esteem, emotions, motivational orientations, as well as individual belief systems (e.g. self-representation, beliefs concerning the learning process).
  2. Identify the motivational attitudes of students from different years of schooling to learning in general as well as to more specific subjects (e.g. math, language), in order to better understand the factors that constrain or promote the motivational orientations of students throughout schooling.
  3. Study the interrelationships between the characteristics of the learning environment such as classroom climate, teacher support, family environment and both affective components of learning (e.g. motivation, self-concept, self-esteem, emotions) and adolescent behaviours (e.g. risk and deviant behaviours).
  4. Analyse how parents become involved in the schooling and learning of their children and the impact of this involvement on their performance and motivation.
  5. Study the quality of school climate, particularly interpersonal relationships and the development of the phenomena of lack of discipline and bullying.
  6. Analyse the intergenerational processes that may occur within the family system (the relationship with families of origin in the transmission of beliefs and social, moral and educational, values, etc.) and their relationship with the school and the emergence of harmful behaviour in teenager. 



Francisco Peixoto



Lourdes Mata

Maria Gouveia Pereira

Vera Monteiro

José Morgado

José Castro Silva


PhD Students

Ana Patrícia Henriques

Ana Rita Reboredo

Eva Duarte

Inácia Capucho

Manuel Granjo

Maria Edite Oliveira

Paula Campos

Pedro Salgueiro

Sandra Guerra

Sílvia Coutinho

Teresa Almeida Rocha

Tiago Santos



Ana Cristina Sanches

Ana Paula Maló Machado

Ivone Reis

Mariana Miranda

Patrícia Pacheco