Research Areas

Educational Contexts and Written Language Acquisition

This thematic line has Margarida Alves Martins as its Principal Investigator, and includes as main researchers Ana Cristina Silva, João Rosa and Sandra Figueiredo (FCT postdoctoral fellowship). It also includes 8 doctoral students, 3 of which have FCT scholarships, and has as collaborators 3 former doctoral students... [+]

Emotional Components of the Educational Processes
This thematic line has Francisco Peixoto as its Principal Investigator and includes as main researchers Lourdes Mata, Vera Monteiro and Maria Gouveia Pereira. It also includes 1 research assistant; 12 Ph.D. students, 1 of which has FCT scholarships, and 4 collaborators. José Morgado who develops his research in another thematic line also collaborates in the projects related to the study of school discipline and bullying... [+]
Educational Quality and Differentiation
This thematic line has José Morgado as Principal Investigator and integrates two other main researchers - Júlia Serpa Pimentel and José Castro Silva. It also includes 7 PhD students, 1 of which has FCT scholarship. Francisco Peixoto, even if part of another thematic line, also develops some of his work in this thematic line... [+]