Following the development of the educational package by the consortium (Curriculum, Teachers' Guide, Students' Handbook), a train the trainers 5-day workshop will occur next September 2017 in Cyprus, where at least 1 trainer from each partner organisation (one representative from ISPA teamwork) will participate in order to be trained by the people who have been involved in the development of this package. This will help them in better understanding the training content, the case studies, the group exercises and the format of the training. Each trainer will undertake to teach the other trainers in the domain of his/her expertise those topics/subjects that he/ she has developed, so that each participant will become a trainer and a trainee at the same time.


The main objective of the workshop will be the sharing of ideas/ knowledge/ methodology and experiences on how to deliver the training during the pilot testing phase. This would be useful in order to structure the training programme of the teachers, based on equal terms as far as the contribution of the participants is concerned. Following their return to their country, each trainer will also train the other trainers that will be involved in the pilot testing phase.

Horários e Contactos

E-mail: cie@ispa.pt