Educational Contexts and Written Language Acquisition

This thematic line has Margarida Alves Martins as its Principal Investigator, and includes as main researchers Ana Cristina Silva, João Rosa and Sandra Figueiredo (FCT postdoctoral fellowship). It also includes 8 doctoral students, 3 of which have FCT scholarships, and has as collaborators 3 former doctoral students. In this line, we aim to:

  1. Characterize educational practices related to written language in pre-school and elementary school and analyse its associations with students’ outcomes in reading and writing.
  2. Analyse, at elementary schools level, the impact of invented spelling programs, implemented with preschool and first grade children, on reading and writing acquisition.
  3. Examine the role of explicit teaching of morphology on the development of oral language and on spelling discrimination.
  4. Analyse the psycholinguistic variables that predict reading and writing achievement in elementary school and the reading strategies used by high and low achievers.
  5. Create an open-access repository of instruments for the assessment of second language learners.




Margarida Alves Martins



Ana Cristina Silva

João Rosa


Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sandra Figueiredo


PhD Students

Ana Albuquerque

Edlia Simões

Jorge Gonçalves

Liliana Salvador

Mónica Gaiolas

Sérgio Gaitas

Sofia Ferreira

Tiago Almeida



Ana Isabel Santos

Inês Vasconcelos Horta

Miguel Mata Pereira