José Castro Silva

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José Castro Silva
José Castro Silva

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Categoria Académica: 
Assistant Professor
Departamento Cientifico-Pedagógico: 
Educational Psychology
Unidade de Investigação: 
Centre for Research in Education

Biographical note

José Maria de Castro Silva is a PhD in Education with a specialization in Organizational leadership. He is Auxiliary Professor at ISPA – University Institute. He has published articles in specialized reviews and in event minutes.He works within the fields of Educational Sciences, Educational Psychology and Computation and Information Sciences. His main interest areas of investigation include the study of the influence of individual factors and context on the teaching career. The present investigation is focused on the promotion of teacher resilience (Comenius EAC/S07/12), and is being developed by a consortium from various European countries (CZ, DE, IRE, MT, PT). He also consults for Intervention programs in Education and participates in training programs for teachers and educators.

Research Interests

Main research interests include the study of the influence of individual and contextual factors on the teaching career, having been elected as predictors the school organizational leadership, teacher self-efficacy, teacher resilience, satisfaction and work-related stress in teaching. Ongoing research focuses on the promotion of teacher resilience (Comenius EAC/S07/12) developed by a consortium of several European countries (CZ, DE, IRE, MT, PT).

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Vânia Ribeiro

Communication patterns between children with congenital deaf- blindness and typical developing peers, teachers and parents.

Marina Jesus

Representations and attitudes of students (age range 8-18) about autism.


Maria Teresa Santos (PhD Student until 2006)

Maria João Vargas Moniz (PhD student until 2012)

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