Affective Components of the Learning Processes and Quality in Education

This thematic line has Francisco Peixoto as its Principal Investigator and includes as main researchers José Castro Silva, José Morgado, Lourdes Mata, Maria Gouveia Pereira and Vera Monteiro. It also includes 4 collaborators and 12 PhD students. In this line, we aim to:

  1. Study the interrelationships between students’ behavior, their individual beliefs, the affective components of learning (e.g. self-esteem, emotions, motivational orientations), the learning environments, achievement and the academic performance of students.
  2. Study the quality of educational and care contexts taking into account the organizational aspects (e.g., leadership, school climate) and teachers’ and classrooms’ related variables (e.g. professional satisfaction, attitudes towards inclusion, self-efficacy, well-being, classroom climate), including the study of the quality of educational strategies that promote inclusive answers adapted to all students.
  3. Analyze the intergenerational processes that may occur within the family system (e.g. quality of the relationships, educational practices, parental involvement in schooling, transmission of beliefs and values) and their relationship with school adaptation and the emergence of at risk behaviors in children and adolescents as well as to characterize the role of parents/families in formal and informal support on the development and apprenticeship of their children.


Francisco Peixoto



Ana Cristina Sanches

José Castro Silva

José Morgado

Lourdes Mata

Maria Gouveia Pereira

Patrícia Pacheco

Vera Monteiro



Filipa Diniz

Lara Forsblom


PhD Students

Ana Rita Fernandes

Carla Marisa Fernandes

Deolinda N´Dala

Edite Santos

Guadalupe Almeida

Joana Pipa

Luísa Fernandes

Manuela Marques da Silva

Márcia Rejane

Natalie Santos

Solange Ester Koehler

Susana Pestana

Tiago Santos

Vanessa Neves