Júlia Serpa Pimentel

Corpo Docente

Júlia Serpa Pimentel
Júlia Serpa Pimentel

Informação Geral

Categoria Académica: 
Assistant Professor
Departamento Cientifico-Pedagógico: 
Educational Psychology
Unidade de Investigação: 
Centre for Research in Education

Biographical note

Obtained a degree at ISPA in 1972, and obtained an equivalence to the Licentiate degree from the Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty of the University of Lisbon in 1982. Then completed her Master degree in Educational Psychology at ISPA in 1996 and her PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty of the University of Lisbon in 2004. Between 1972 and 1998 she was Psychologist in the offices of Social Security, working with children at risk or with disabilities and their families. Member of ISPA’s faculty since 1991, she has supervised Monographs, Master and PhD Thesis in the field of early intervention in Infancy and pre-school-age. Since 2010 she has directed the Post-Grad in Special Education – Early Intervention in Infancy.

She has collaborated in numerous on the job training actions for Education and Social Security professionals and participated in numerous national and international scientific meetings. She has published in national and international reviews and is author of the books; A different baby: from the individuality of interaction to the specificity of intervention (1997); Intervention focused on Family: Desire or Reality (2005).

She is coordinator of the Project Parent Workshops/Parent bourse, promoted by the Parent-Network Association with ISPA and funded by General Health Board and the Gulbenkian Foundation. Implemented in March 2011 it’s actions have already involved over 400 parents of handicapped children/teenagers from 11 districts in Portugal, with the perspective of enlarging its area of influence until 2014.

Research Interests

Development and learning of infants and children with special needs;

Mother-Child interaction when children have special educational needs;

Evaluation of Early Childhood Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education: quality of practices and programs; family involvement and satisfaction;

Quality of Child Care Programs for children birth-three: family day care and center day care;

Parental support for families with children and young people with special educational needs: developing social support network and evaluate its impact.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Ana Rita Barros 

Dimensions of quality in centre day care/family day care for children birth to three: a longitudinal comparative study(Dimensões de qualidade em contexto de ama/creche familiar e em creches colectivas: um estudo longitudinal comparativo). (FCT grant)

Sandra Dias

The role of social support networks empowering and promoting the weel-being of families of children and young people with disabilities (Redes de suporte social na capacitação e bem-estar das famílias com filhos com deficiência)

Maria Dulce Duarte

Early Intervention Practices in Local Intervention Teams - National Early Childhood Intervention System - and in Special Education Teams in public pre-schools: a comparative study (Análise de Práticas no Âmbito das Equipas Locais de Intervenção e da Educação Especial: Um estudo comparativo).

Susana Lalanda

Burnout and quality of Life of families with children and young people with special educational needs (Burnout e Qualidade de Vida em Famílias com Crianças com Necessidades Educativas Especiais).

Joaquim Gronita

Contributes for the study and analysis of the Portuguese Early Intervention System Organization (Contributos para a Análise de Modelos Organizativos de Intervenção Precoce na Infância em Portugal). (Co-supervisor)

Milene Ferreira

Qualidade de processo, perfis de incapacidade e experiências sociais em contextos pré-escolares (Quality of process, Functionality/disability profiles and social experiences in pre-school contexts). (Co-supervisor)


Elisabete Mendes (PhD student until 2011)

Early Intervention Quality Evaluation: practices in the district of Portalegre (Avaliação da qualidade em Intervenção Precoce: práticas no distrito de Portalegre

Horários e Contactos

E-mail: cie@ispa.pt