Educational Quality and Differentiation

This thematic line has José Morgado as Principal Investigator and integrates two other main researchers - Júlia Serpa Pimentel and José Castro Silva. It also includes 7 PhD students, 1 of which has FCT scholarship. Francisco Peixoto, even if part of another thematic line, also develops some of his work in this thematic line. In this line, we aim to:

  1. Analyse the representations and attitudes of teachers, parents and students about the inclusion of students with special educational needs or other problems in regular schools.
  2. Study the differentiation of teachers’ practices in order to promote school inclusion of students with special educational needs or other problems.
  3. Analyse social networks and formal/informal social and emotional support available to parents/families of children and young adults with special educational needs.
  4. Analyse some organizational aspects of schools (e.g., leadership) and teachers’ variables (e.g., professional satisfaction) and study the relationships between institutional and personal variables.
  5. Develop support and resilience in teachers.
  6. Study the quality of care for children from birth to three and its impact on pre-school adaptation.



José Morgado



José Castro Silva

Júlia Serpa Pimentel


PhD Students

Ana Rita Barros

Ângela Marina Jesus

Susana Lalanda

Maria Dulce Duarte

Milene Ferreira

Sandra Dias

Vânia Ribeiro

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