Mission and Goals


CIE-ISPA has been investing in coherence of theoretical perspectives and in approaches to understanding cognitive, emotional and social processes involved in learning within the educational contexts that give support to successful learning for all students. The research carried out so far has resulted on significant contributions to the enhancing of specialized knowledge, and on proven contributions to the educational system namely on issues such as emergent literacy, motivation, deviant behavior, early intervention and inclusive education.


More specifically, our team has developed research on: educational practices that foster metalinguistic awareness in preschool and reading and writing achievement in primary school; studies on the relationships between motivation, self-esteem, self-concept and learning outcomes; emergence of deviant behavior, indiscipline or bullying in school contexts, issues that currently represent a major concern in educational communities; the analysis of learning environments that foster greater quality and effectiveness of school inclusion programs. The team has also analysed: social networks and formal/informal social and emotional support available to parents/families of children and young adults with special educational needs; how quality of care provided to children, from birth to three, impacts on pre-school adaptation. We have achieved a large number of publications in national and international journals and participated in national and international conferences in order to disseminate our research results. We have also organized conferences and workshops and participated in regular teacher training activities.

Horários e Contactos

E-mail: cie@ispa.pt