Edlia Simões

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Edlia Simões
Edlia Simões

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Categoria Académica: 
Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology
Unidade de Investigação: 
Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

Edlia Simões is an educational psychologist for over 15 years, holds a PhD in Educational Psychology (ISPA, 2014). She has been a researcher in the area of reading acquisition and reading disorders, second language acquisition, as well as psychological assessment of children and adolescents. While studying the cognitive processes underlying reading errors during the acquisition process of school children, Edlia Simões developed, at the same time, several instruments for reading assessment for use in primary education and learning difficulties. In the last years her research focus has been on second language acquisition of Portuguese language by Chinese children. Edlia Simões, for the last 6 years, has been teaching modules in the University of Saint Joseph, in Macao related to Educational Psychology, Language acquisition, Children and Adolescence Development and Psychological assessment. She also teaches at ISPA, Lisbon, in courses of Educational Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Language and Motivation. 

Research Interests

Presently her research focuses on emotional and social adaptation where she is working on the psychometric validation of an assessment instrument (ASEBA) for Macao primary to secondary school students.  

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)


University of Saint Joseph (Macao) - adjunct assistant professor, teaching modules in the area of psychological testing and assessment, language acquisition and adolescent development


Horários e Contactos

E-mail: cie@ispa.pt