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Cristina Sanches
Cristina Sanches

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Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

She obtained a degree and a Master in Educational Psychology at ISPA – Instituto Universitário. In 2016 she obtained her PhD in Social Psychology also at ISPA – Instituto Universitário.

She is a member of the CIE – ISPA, in which she has been working since 2012, as a research assistant in research projects within the area of students self-perceptions, motivation, emotions and achievement. She is also lecturer of some curricular units within the area of Educational Psychology, at ISPA - Instituto Universitário, since 2015.

Research Interests

  • Relationships between youth deviance, teachers’ procedural justice, quality of teacher-student relationships, adolescents’ feelings of social exclusion and self-worth, belonging and acceptance needs, reputational concerns and legitimacy of institutional authorities.
  • Relationships between the quality and characteristics of the learning environments (such as classroom climate, teacher support, teacher’ feedback and assessment practices), the affective components of learning (self-perceptions, achievement emotions, motivation), students’ academic achievement and retention.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)



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