Sérgio Gaitas

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Sérgio Gaitas
Sérgio Gaitas

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Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

Sérgio Gaitas has a Master in educational psychology and a Phd in Educational Psychology and Educational Sciences. He integrates the Centre for Educational Research (CIE-ISPA). He teaches several curricular units at ISPA and is the Pedagogical Director of the school “Voz do Operário”. He has published several papers in national and international journals concerning effective literacy teaching practices in first grade and teacher perceived difficulty in implementing differentiated instructional strategies in primary school.

Research Interests

His main scientific areas of research are the literacy acquisition process, teacher practices concerning written language instruction, and inclusion and differentiated instruction.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)



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E-mail: cie@ispa.pt