Ana Cristina Silva

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Ana Cristina Silva
Ana Cristina Silva

Informação Geral

Categoria Académica: 
Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology
Unidade de Investigação: 
Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

PhD in Psychology of Education, Universidade do Minho, Portugal (2001), Assistant Professor since 2002. Participant in several research projects, namely The impact of invented spellings on the discovery of the structure of the alphabetic code in preschool children” PDCT/PSI/56977/2004 and  The impact of invented spelling programmes with pre-school-age children on early reading acquisition PTDC/PSI-EDD/110262/2009

Research Interests

  • Early acquisition of written language, phonological awareness
  • Orthography
  • Text production and revision

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)


National and International collaboration / partnerships

Aga Khan Foundation


Maria de Lourdes Moreira

Tiago Almeida

Maria João Silva

Sandra Borges

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