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Patrícia Pacheco
Patrícia Pacheco

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Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

1997 - Degree in Educational Psychology (ISPA);

2003 - Master in Psychology - Human Development (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - University of Lisbon);

2013 - PhD in Educational Sciences - Educational Psychology (Aberta University);


Teacher in the initial formation of teachers in the area of Developmental Psychology and Education (from 1999 to date);

Teacher in the master's degrees of pre-school education and teachers of basic education in the area of Educational Psychology (from 2012 to date);

Teacher in the master's degree in Psychology in the area of Psychology of Language and Educational Psychology (from 2016 to date).

Research Interests

Family Literacy and Emerging Literacy:

Characterization of parental beliefs and practices;

Understanding of the relationship between parents' practices and children's literacy skills.


Parental Involvement:

Characterization of the conceptions and practices of educators and professional professionals about the involvement and participation of families in school.


Role of positive emotions in learning:

Characterization and understanding of the role of affective and motivational variables (e.g., positive emotions) in the process of children learning.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)



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