João Rosa

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João Rosa
João Rosa

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Categoria Académica: 
Coordinating Professor
Unidade de Investigação: 
Centre for Educational Research | CIE-ISPA

Biographical note

He is Coordinating Professor at the Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute’s Higher School of Education, having completed his degree in Psychology at ISPA in 1979, followed by a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Educational Psychology also at ISPA, in collaboration with the University of Bristol in 1988. He then finished his PhD in Psychology as an FCT purser at the Oxford Brookes University in 2003. Within his Academic management activities he was a member of the Directing Committee of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Education (ESELx), President of the Representative Council and played several roles in departmental management and in the field of Psychology. His main activity is Graduate and Post-graduate training of teachers, having developed investigative work in Literacy development, namely in the relevance of the development of a morphological consciousness as a metalinguistic skill. Within this area he supervised several Master thesis and also co-supervised two PhD Thesis. He has consulted internationally in the field of education with the World Bank, the government of Cape Verde and Mozambique, the Child Fund and UBS and integrated the team that coordinated a project for continuous training for teachers that involved six Higher Education Institutions in Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries within the EDULINK E.U. program.

 He has published in international reviews such as Reading & Writing, “Revue de Linguistique et Didactique des Langues”, from the Stendhal University of Grenoble and “Educar em Revista”, from UFPR, Curitiba, Brasil.

He has also consulted in Portugal with the National Reading Plan, the Inspector General for Education and the Department of Basic Education

Recently elected, President of the Scientific Board of Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Research Interests

Implicit and explicit processes in literacy development.

The role of metalinguistic abilities, especially morphological awareness, in the development of oral language and spelling discrimination.

The impact of explicit teaching of morphology on oral language development and on spelling discrimination of homophone forms.

Intervention studies conducted in the classroom by teachers.

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)


Viviane Barbosa, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil

Teresa Santos, Centro de Linguística da Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Viviane Barbosa, PhD em Educação, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brasil

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