Sandra Figueiredo

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Sandra Figueiredo
Sandra Figueiredo

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Post-doctoral fellow (FCT)

Biographical note

Has a degree in Teaching of Portuguese, Latin and Greek from the University of “Aveiro”, and a PhD in Psychology from the same University. She is currently a Post-Doc investigator at ISPA, with a Grant from FCT. Since her PhD she continuously developed activities as Investigation assistant in scientific projects in the University of “Aveiro” and in the Faculty of Human Motion at the University of Lisbon. Her main investigative interests are related to Language, specifically with variables involved in the development of a second language and its respective measurement instruments. Her works have been published in chapters of international books and specialized reviews like the International Journal of Psychology, International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, e Diversity Collection (Common Ground Publisher). Since 2013 she is associate editor of the International Journal of Diversity in Education. She is author of Multimedia products on the subject of Portuguese as a foreign language.

Research Interests

My main interest is related to psychological and cognitive factors involved in second language acquisition and learning. Prior school training, first language, nationality, social parental background, motivation and attitudes, anxiety, explicit and implicit teaching are all variables with evidence in my general scientific research. Specifically instruments validation is the current main concern of ongoing work, regarding the development of Diagnostic Test for Portuguese second language learners (sponsored by FCT with the grant n.º SFRH/BPD/86618/2012).

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