Maria Gouveia Pereira

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Maria Gouveia Pereira
Maria Gouveia Pereira

Informação Geral

Categoria Académica: 
Assistant Professor
Departamento Cientifico-Pedagógico: 
Clinical and Health Psychology
Unidade de Investigação: 
Research Unit on Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology I & D Unit (UIPCDE)

Biographical note

She is a member of the Research Unit on Cognitive, Developmental and Educational Psychology I & D Unit (UIPCDE) since 1994. Her PhD thesis is about the perceptions of justice in adolescence and its relation to the legitimating of the institutional authorities. She has developed investigative work in the field of adolescence namely in the areas of identity processes, social justice and inter group relations. She also developed and coordinated investigative projects in investigation-action with adolescents about the use of condoms and the social representations of AIDS, aiming for the prevention of risk behaviours. After her training in family therapy she has developed work on the family dynamics, namely families with at risk children (suicidal ideas, HIV, delinquency and addictive behaviours). More recently her investigative interests have turned also to the functioning of unemployed families and its relation with suicidal ideas and depression.  

Research Interests

Judgements of justice and their impact on deviant behaviour.

Intergroup relations, specially focusing on infrahumanization.

Identity construction during adolescence in different contexts (peers groups, family).

Family dynamics and relationships in between family members and its relationship with risk behaviours of adolescents.

The functioning of families on the unemployment and its relationship with depression, suicidal ideation and the school performance in adolescents

Current PhD students (supervision and co-supervision)

Ana Patrícia Henriques

Atribuindo Humanidade: O caso da dimensão Moralidade (FCT Grant) (Attribution of Humanity: the case of the Morality dimension).

Eva Duarte

Dialectos da Dor - Representações e Funções da Auto-Injúria Não-Suicida. (Dialects of Pain – Representations of non- suicidal self-insult).

Sílvia Coutinho

A Intergeracionalidade da Delinquência Juvenil – Sob o olhar da Circularidade Relacional. (The Inter-generationality of Juvenile delinquency – Under the gaze of Relational Circularity).


Mariana Miranda

Ana Cristina Sanches

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